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The Moaning Myrtles
Nina Jankowicz (left) and Lauren Fairweather (right)
Nina Jankowicz (left) and Lauren Fairweather (right)
Background information
Based Hillsborough, New Jersey
Hogwarts house(s) Ravenclaw
Status Retired
Signature song "And Then I Died"
Genre(s) Piano
Years active 27 November 2005–2011, 2017-2018
The Butterbeer Experience, The Parselmouths, The Whomping Willows
Influences Harry and the Potters
Lauren Fairweather

Nina Jankowicz

The Moaning Myrtles were a wizard rock duo consisting of Lauren Fairweather and Nina Jankowicz.



Like most wizard rock bands, they started in the early 2000s and retired in 2011 when the final Harry Potter movie was released. They had reunion concerts in 2017 and 2018.


  • Lauren Fairweather (vocals and guitar)
  • Nina Jankowicz (vocals and keyboards)


After the group broke up, the member have gone separate ways.

Lauren Fairweather is still active in music as a solo artist and has active social media profiles, and aside from music, posts vlogs.[1]

Nina Jankowicz became a politician, writer, and businesswoman who has been the subject of controversy.[2]


  • Lauren is half non-binary, using both she/her and they/them pronouns.



  • Toilet Humor (2007)
  • What About Myrtle? (2008)


  • Port-a-Potty EP (2006)
  • Bathroom Acoustics EP (2009)


Lauren Fairweather[]

Nina Jankowicz[]


  • "Hermione" on Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice (2007)
  • "Wrocking Around the Bathroom Stall" on Jingle Spells (2007)
  • "Howl at the Moon" on Wizards and Muggles Rock for Social Justice: Volume Two (2008)
  • "Nargles in the Mistletoe" on Jingle Spells 2 (2008)
  • "It's Not Christmas" on Jingle Spells 3 (2009)
  • "Christmas Poo" on Back to the Burrow: A Wizard Rock Compilation (2011)


Awards and nominations[]

Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards 2007[]

  • Best Female Vocals (won)
  • Best Album for Port-a-Potty EP (nominated)
  • Best Song of 2006 for "Prefects Are Hot" (nominated)
  • Best Duo (nominated)
  • Best Music Produced From Beyond the Grave (won)
  • Best Holiday Song of 2006 for "A Christmas Poo" (nominated)
  • Best Collaboration for "Snape" (video) with The Remus Lupins (won)
  • Best Music Video for "Sitting On the Toilet" (won)
  • Best Comedy (nominated)

Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards 2008[]

  • Best Female Vocals (won)
  • Best Duo (won)
  • Best Music Produced from Beyond the Grave (won)

Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards 2009[]

  • Best Duo (won)
  • Best Ravenclaw Band (won)
  • Best Holiday Song for "Nargles in the Mistletoe" (won)
  • Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song for "In Which Moaning Myrtle Moans" (won)

Wizard Rock People's Choice Awards 2010[]

  • Best Holiday Song for "It's Not Christmas" (won)
  • Best Female Vocals (won)


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